WOC Exhibits

In the hall they have the orchids displays of the conference, there are some stunning displays and the hall is filled with the beautiful scent of orchids. This very large display here was occupied with a number if waterfalls and water feature and absolutely covered in blankets of orchid flowers. There is also a stunning Ansellia display built upon rocks and is displayed fantastically.



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  1. Zoe Barnes says:

    Wow, looks like you are right at home 🙂

  2. Zoe Parfitt says:

    Yes! I think they beat our tallest orchid display though, it was really tall!

  3. Simon Pugh-Jones says:

    Looks amazing. Thanks for the photo. When is your lecture Zoe?

  4. Janet Barnes says:

    Wow, it looks amazing Zoe. I hope your talk goes well.