Taking photos…

group shot
Anyone reading the replies to the previous posts will have noticed Hayley Shackleton, mentioning a number of times that I should remember to take some photos! Well yes, I have been Mum, so you needn’t worry, in fact pretty much all of the group shots have been done by me (tripod and timer on the camera are useful it seems). A number of the other shots that have been posted are by me as well, although the credit for the panorarmas has to go to Devin, whose camera is brillient for the job. We’ve all been dropping our photos onto Simon’s mac so that we all have a backup and can easily find the best photo for a post, this whole process can be quite time consuming so me and Devin have been fairly busy in the evenings chasing people down to download photos from their cameras.


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  1. Simon Pugh-Jones says:

    You and Devin are doing a great job with photos, thanks.

  2. Sylvie says:

    You rare definitely, even showing well how some of you looked quite exhausted:) What a fantastic experience!

  3. Janet Barnes says:

    The photos and the blog are just brilliant. It is so nice to feel so “in touch”.

  4. Zoe Parfitt says:

    Fantastic group photo guys! The forest looks incredible.

  5. Sarah Rick says:

    Tom, grandad says, put your hat on! Looks amazing, hope you are all having the time of your lives x x

  6. Zannie says:

    Hope you are taking photos too Maisha? Loved the visiting baboons and the wild orchids. Great idea – the blog.

  7. Haley Shackleton says:

    Ike. why did you spell my name wrong!!! Dad thinks you have been abducted by aliens and they are typing on your behalf.