Seed for Rwanda

With 4 months to go until we head off on our expedition to Rwanda, we are preparing the seed to take with us.
On this trip we will be setting up Rwanda’s first orchid propagation lab and training Kitabi students and staff before introducing orchids to Rwandan school children.
For effective training we need good healthy seed of species native to Rwanda and so this week we are going to be test sowing samples of all the suitable seed in our seed bank. We will let you know the results.
Thanks to me, Jacob and Josh all the seed samples have names just so we get to know them – go Frank the Ansellia Africana seed!

20140303-052357 pm.jpg


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  1. Good morning!I will soon be in Rwanda and would like to buy some orchid plantsto bring back to South Africa.How and where can i buy in Rwanda???The permits ??where do i get them??


    Riaan van der Merwe
    South Africa