Orchid of the day – Satyrium crassicaule

Today’s orchid is another of the magnificent terrestrial species from Kamiranzovu swamp. Satyrium crassicaule is an easy one for the Rwandan school children to identify because of the double spur (like devils horns) characteristic of Satyrium species. This is a really robust species that is just coming into flower now with flower spikes that can grow to over 1m tall. Pity we don’t have these in the UK.


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  1. Haley Shackleton says:

    Another wet winter like the last one and maybe we will be able to grow it although it is pretty hot and dry at the moment so perhaps not.

  2. Zoe Parfitt says:

    Look at the number of buds yet to form! What a stunner.

    • Sophie McDonnell says:

      Hi Zoe! Thank you for the great comments and also for looking after the greenhouses back in the UK – you’re a star ⭐️

      From Sophie, Simon and the team 🙂