How to buy a lab

A lot of people say that it is very hard to buy and setup a lab, however we want everyone to know it isn’t, this is proof of that as we bought a lab today in a supermarket. However we did get a few funny looks.


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  1. Matt Bell says:

    Hope it’s all going smoothly. Does Devin stink yet or anotheor are another couple of days required? 😉

  2. Haley Shackleton says:

    Dad reckons the cia will be on your case soon after buying that lot Ike.

  3. Annie pj says:

    That pressure cooker looks like a proper job one, it will be so good to set up a shiny new lab.
    Good to hear all the plans are working out.
    I bet you can’t wait to get out into that forest.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of different orchids, flowers would be nice but leaves and roots good too!!
    Hope you all feel refreshed and recovered from travelling in the morning.

  4. Janet Barnes says:

    Is that really a box of essential biscuits?!

  5. Deb says:

    2 questions. Can individuals set up there own lab for private use then maybe for profit later? And I am in US. Could I ever buy orchids from the school?

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Hi Deb. Our view is that it is easy to set up an orchid propagation lab. You will need a laminar flow cabinet (about $1000-2000) some growing media – we use Phytamax Orchid Maintenance media but at half the strength recommended + agar powder 6g/l and potassium hydroxide to balance pH, then you need a pressure cooker to sterilize cultures, a few tools, scalpels tweezers disposable syringes and you are away. Unfortunately import to the US requires a lot of certification which is expensive but we may be coming to the US at some time with plants in-vitro to sell so keep in touch.
      Great to hear from you, Simon