A massive thank you to my team

We are just about to have our last breakfast in Rwanda and everyone is busy packing.
My team of eight amazing students have been absolutely brilliant; working really hard, running amazing workshops, showing great stamina in the forest, getting on really well with each other and leaving a real impression on the people we have met. I am very proud of you all.
Thanks also to Amy and Sophie who have worked really hard to make the trip run smoothly. I know that you have inspired the teachers, staff and students we have met in the past two weeks.
Last night’s dinner was a real success and begins the process of what happens next for the orchid project in Rwanda.
We fly at 19.55 Rwandan time, arrive at Heathrow at 9.25am and so as Zoe says should arrive back in Writhlington at about 12.30pm Wednesday. (Keep an eye on texts for any delays.)
Finally thank you all for following our blog it has been lovely having you with us.


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  1. Sarah Rick says:

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Enjoy your last day and hope your journey is pleasant. See you soon x x Oh and Tom, I would quite like a monkey for my birthday … Just saying!

  2. zannie says:

    Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. Enjoyed the blog. See you soon, Maisha.

  3. Dave Read says:

    Have a safe trip

  4. Sarah Hughes says:

    We’re all very proud of all of you too! Safe trip home \and see you all soon .

  5. Katherine Coles says:

    Have a safe journey.

  6. Sylvie says:

    Glad to hear the students worked hard: they didn’t expect to be on holiday did they? I hope there was no slacker!! Have a good trip back and look forward to hearing about it all

  7. matt coles says:

    Really enjoyed following you all on the blog. Can’t believe it is nearly over so soon. Fantastic effort by all. Hope it is a smooth journey home Jake and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow poppet !

  8. david hughes says:

    your return has come about so quickly ,we’ve missed you and i know you’ve had a fantastic time . i wonder what changes we’ll see in you .