Working together

Using our knowledge gained from Fambong Lho forest yesterday we collaborated in our groups to create wall-sized ‘mash ups’ with photographs, free hand and printed orchid pictures and a whole lot of creativity! Taktse and Writhlington students worked amazingly well in teams and produced and presented inspirational final pieces. Well done everyone, staff from both schools were incredibly impressed.



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  1. David Read says:

    Looks like your all working very hard, I bet it feels like the times flying by! Take care all and keep the updates coming.

  2. Annie pj says:

    It looks like your all having an amazing time, it’s must be good having 2 days to work with students at Taktse school.You are such an enthusiastic, positive,creative group!!!
    I Hope you’ve got a restfull day tomorrow I reckon you’ll deserve it.

  3. Janet Barnes says:

    It all sounds wonderful. Anyone tried yak butter tea yet?