Thank you

Thank you to all that have commented so far on the blog. It is nice for us to read them. At breakfast today we shared them all and wanted to thank you. Please keep them coming by pressing the comment button.

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  1. Janet Barnes says:

    No mountains here when I woke up – but even better – blogs to read and photos. It looks like you are having a great time. You probably should be congratulated on looking so bright and shiny after such a long journey over so many time zones. Have a good day

  2. Annie pj says:

    Hope you all feel as good as you look,it’s great to have a little bit of the himalay’s here in grey,wet,Somerset!
    The hotel looks lovely very different from the Indian one.
    Loved the picture of the Dendrobium, looking forward to more stunning pictures.
    Have a brilliant rest of your day.
    Annie PJ.

  3. David read says:

    Opened the fridge this morning and it had food in it…then I remembered Devin wasn’t here! Hotel looks nice and I imagine that tea is lovely. Niamh says she’s missing you dev.

  4. Hello you lucky people,sounds like your all having a fab time.Cold and grey here at home enjoy the warmth while you can! look forward to more blogs.

  5. pat bell says:

    love the photos,looks like you’re having a good time.Don’t forget to wash behind your ears Matt.Enjoy yourselves.

  6. Julie Bell says:

    Great to see you all looking so happy and awake. Thanks for all the photos. Happy orchid spotting.