Sorry Mum

This is an apology to all mothers and there washing machines. The festival of colours kicked of off in Gangtok today and we were in the middle of it. However fun was had by all.

20130326-115620 PM.jpg


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  1. Janet Barnes says:

    Again – where are all the boys?!

  2. Mrs Turner says:

    Looks like you are all having an amazing time – I am in Romania with Mrs Mitchell and am going into a secondary school tomorrow where I am going to show them your blog – enjoy yourselves x

  3. Annie pj says:

    Wow there’s some bad face painters out there!!!
    That is very pink pink.
    Have a brilliant day at the school tomorrow.
    Isn’t Sikkim brilliant I wish I was out there too!

  4. Janet Barnes says:

    It looks like we need to change our archery colours to include pink then Zoe B!!

  5. Julie Bell says:

    Looks like your all having an amazing time.

  6. haley shackleton says:

    Were the boys too shy to be shown wearing pink? It’s supposed to make the girls wink you know!