Monkey business

After recent orchid safaris to the Himalayas and Rwanda it is now time to explore the orchid habitats of England. A really special spot is the Hartslock reserve in Oxfordshire and on Wednesday evening we headed there to find some really rare British native orchids.

This site has our nearest population of Monkey Orchids, Lady Orchids and the recently appeared hybrid between the two which we like to call Ladymonkeys.
Have a look at the photos and you can see the characters of the parent species coming through wonderfully in the hybrid.

Here is the Monkey Orchid. Can you spot how it got its name?

Next the Lady Orchid in her flowing dress.

Now the hybrid.
The reserve is amazing and we found three other orchid species; Twayblade, White Heleborine and Common Spotted Orchid. Rare non-orchids included the fabulous Pasque flower. Quite an evening.


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