Dressed up in Dehli

We are all in Dehli about to go out for a meal nearing the end of the trip. While we were in Sikkim we all bought nice clothes and decided to dress up. We are going out with a bang!

20130402-081138 PM.jpg


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  1. Janet Barnes says:

    Wow you look fantastic!! Have a lovely meal. See you tomorrow night xxx

  2. Tanya Wood says:

    You all look great, have a lovely time. Have a safe journey home, see you all soon xx

  3. Sam Grant says:

    Cool clothes guys! Have a good return trip. 😛

  4. Annie pj says:

    You all looking amazing and so individual ,hope you enjoyed the meal?
    Have a good journey back.
    Thant you so much for a brillant blog it’s been great.

  5. Haley Shackleton says:

    You all look amazing, hope your meal is good and your journey home safe. See you all soon. P.S. Your blog has been brilliant