Art work

At Hemlata Pradhan’s school we all joined in. We went for a walk and drew a map of what caught our eye on our journey. These are the pictures of all our work. They are all signed. Please tell us what you think of them.

20130324-104232 PM.jpg

20130324-104246 PM.jpg

20130324-104314 PM.jpg

20130324-104333 PM.jpg

20130324-104350 PM.jpg

20130324-104630 PM.jpg

20130324-104704 PM.jpg


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  1. Annie pj says:

    Love the pictures all so different but the orchids jump out of everyone one of them.
    I think I can safely say your all orchid mad!

  2. Dave Read says:

    Glad to see you haven’t lost your flare for art Dev..only you would put the road markings on 🙂 make the most of every minute your there!