Zoe Parfitt

Hello, my name is Zoe and I have been in the project for three and a half years now. I spend all my free time, including before, during and after school, working with the orchids. I am in charge of a wide variety of orchids including: Pleione, Disa, Spiranthes, British orchids, Bifernia, Maxillaria and I help look after Zygopetalums. Over the next year, I will be blogging about Writhlington Orchid Project.

Myself and Zoe Barnes at Chelsea Flower show, with Alan Titchmarsh. Also in the background taking a photo is my mum, hi mum!


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  1. colin bagworth says:

    hi zoe, what advice can you give me on the culture of disa,s and will you have any for sale this year ???, regards colin bagworth, kenilworth.

  2. Zoe Parfitt says:

    Hello, I will write a blog later on the Disa, giving all the details. Zoe