Update: Webcam Status

I’m very pleased to announce today that our Webcams are now back online! Dan and I puzzled over them for a while, and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. We formulated a couple of theories, that I took to our IT department this morning, and they had the things back online by lunchtime! Big, huge, enormous Thank-You to them!

Unfortunately, it’s not all rosy just yet. It seems that the cameras in Asia have possibly been damaged and are currently not working at all. I’m looking into this.

In addition, not all of the cameras are loading as quickly as they did. This is due to an ‘upgraded firewall’ at school. This is something that, regrettably, we will just have to live with. If some of the images don’t load, refresh your page a couple of times – that should sort it!

Thanks for bearing with us! We’ve speedily placed a new ‘orchid of the week’ for you to look at too!


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  1. colin bagworth says:

    hi, Nice of you to keep us up to-date with your growing, regards colin bagworth. kenilworth,uk