Work Experience – Day 8

A different day today at the Orchid Project but nevertheless very interesting and enjoyable, with the morning spent compiling a report on micropropagation and conservation of orchids. Hopefully, I will be able to put the report up on the website this week for anyone who is interested.
The afternoon was spent learning new techniques, beginning with a re-potting session for orchids that had grown too big for the laboratory jars. After re-potting I also tried my hand at pollination which as you can see from the pictures below is a rather fiddly task. Tomorrow is school sports day and so tomorrow may also be a bit different!

Check back tomorrow for another update.


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  1. Janet Barnes says:

    I hope you have enjoyed your time at the orchid project as much as it sounds like you have. I have enjoyed your blog – especially the photos. Well done.

  2. John O'Rourke says:

    I have had a great time and have learnt a lot, I am glad you enjoyed reading my blog