What is snowy on the outside and has Brazilian sunshine on the inside?

Answer – The Writhlington School Greenhouses 🙂

This has to be the best time of year to have a heated greenhouse. While many little mammals are thinking of hibernating to sit out the cold months, the students of Writhlington School (little mammals too) are busy surrounded by some of the of the world’s most stunning flowers.

Sophronitis cernua is a good example. This species comes from Brazil where it grows in warm forest in the coastal mountains. Like many tropical orchids it flowers in its ‘dry season’ which is winter (that means temperatures down to 15 degrees C). It’s red flowers attract pollinating hummingbirds. What a perfect antidote to winter weather.

So here we are: Snowy on the outside

The Greenhouses in snow

and Brazilian sunshine (Sophronitis cernua) on the inside

Sophronitis cernua


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