Watch the green light

You may have noticed that thethird webcam ‘orchid of the week’ is not pointing at an orchid at all but giving a great view of the computer control in Warm America. This shows one of the real benefits of webcams in winter weather as all night this camera shows the comforting glow of a big green light. The light means that everything is fine with temperatures in the greenhouse…phew! …this saves a lot of putting on boots and driving late at night to check the greenhouse. I hope that all our wsbeorchids watchers are managing ok with the winter weather and your plants are coping.

Our Masdevallias are flowering their socks off this month so here is Masdevallia setacea from Ecuador to bring some cold weather cheer. Happy Chrismas.

Masdevallia setacea
This species comes from the mountains of Ecuador and we grow it in 'Cool Americas' with a minimum of 12 degrees C


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