WAOF: Lectures are a go!

One of the many things that I’m looking forward to about the Writhlington Autumn Orchid Festival are the lectures.  At WAOF this September we are planning to have lectures from students at the school about various international expeditions.  I’ll be doing one on Sikkim and the Himalayas and Zoe and Zoe (who you may remember from the RHS Blog) will be talking about Durban.

This isn’t the really exciting bit though!  The most exciting bit is the venue for these lectures.  One of the advantages of having our brand new school is that we have a rather large theatre to play with.  We had a meeting with the theatre manager today who is also excited about this upcoming event and will be adding his  magic touch to make this even better.

Hang on tight – This event is shaping up to be even better than I first imagined!

The new theatre


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