Thank you for being such a brilliant team

I can’t let the end of 2010 pass without thanking all the members of Greenhouse Club for being so brilliant and working so hard this year. Without your committment the orchid project would be nothing.

Congratulations Luke Barnes for your fantastic 2010 with the Society of Biology Prize and thankyou for the hundreds of hours you have put in to run the website and the lab as well as organising all of our major events.

Thank you Luke Shackleton for making the move to the new greenhouses such a success, especially your supervision of the younger students at lunchtime and clear thinking whenever we encounter problems. You lead by example and have an admirable calm patience.

Thankyou to our year 10s, Zoe and Mitchell, you both show great maturity in you work with the project as well as real skills.

Our year 8 and 9 team are now the power house of the project with your growing knowledge and irrepressible enthusiasm as demonstated in the greenhouses, runing workshops and at shows. You have a gowing group of fans across the UK. Then of course there are the new year 7s. Congratulations for an amazing first two terms in the project, I can already see the signs of great orchid students and we can all be confident that in the years ahead the project will grow from strength to strength.

Finally a thank you to the adult team the supports the project so. Annie who has been working for the project now for nearly twenty years and is not only a great horticulturalist but is so good at quietly organising the students to deliver a really proffessional service. Lauren who again this year has given time and inspiration to the project as well as making a real difference to individual members of greenhouse club. The parents who support the project, actively and behind the scenes, especially Lynne and Dave, Hayley and Paul, Janet and Jon, and Sarah.  Marie for supporting the project so and ensuring that it has secure foundations for many years to come.

2010 has been a special year but look out 2011, here we come.

Simon Pugh-Jones (Teacher in charge of the Orchid Project)


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