Ready for Moveover

As many of you will be aware, we’re moving to our brand new greenhouses very soon. March 2nd to be precise! We’re all very excited and, through all our excitement, are somehow managing to organise things in preparation.

I say ‘we’… what I really mean is the greenhouse team. My Lab team, myself included, have done very little in preparation so far – mostly because our equipment is already in boxes!

Anyway, the greenhouse teem have been starting to sort plants into the new, 5 climatic zone system that will be used in the new greenhouses. This is no simple task. At present we have 4ish ‘climatic zones’. These are based on the realisation that ‘further from the boiler is colder’. The new greenhouses will not only have a more advanced temperature control system, but they will also be divided geographically, rather than climatically.

This means that the greenhouses will by much easier to learn from, as plants from the same area, for example Guatemala, will be all together in the section ‘Warm Americas’.

The mass sorting operation, characterised by yellow labels!


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