Rain glorious rain

John checking the rain water storage tank
John checking the rain water storage tank

Good news blog watchers… rained on sports day, a bit of a pain for the unicycle race but great news for the orchids. At Writhlington we water our plants with rainwater because tap water in Radstock has too many dissolved salts (a conductivity of around 500 micro-siemens). Rain water has a conductivity of just 20 micro-siemens so we can add useful plant food to take it up to around 400 micro-siemens before watering it onto the orchids. For the new greenhouses we specified a rainwater storage tank that holds 16,000 litres of water collected from the 240 square metres of greenhouse roof. During the dry period of March, April, May and June the tank level fell to just 4000 litres but after sports day it is full again…hurrah. It is the last day of term so I would like to thank all of the students who have worked so hard for the orchid Project and made 2009/2010 such a fantastic year.


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  1. Allen says:

    Rain is a great source of distilled water for your orchids. Great idea.