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We’ve been playing around with the laser cutter at school, and have come up with two potential designs for all of the labels we’ll use at shows in the future. (or until we come up with a better one!) We have come up with a dilema though, we can’t decide which is best.

Please give us a hand by voting for your favourite below! You can click on the images to enlarge them.


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  1. Luke Barnes says:

    One comment that popped up quite a bit in our oral survey at school was that the text size of the rounded rectangle was better, but could be applied to the oval one.

    Someone also commented that the Rounded Rectangle felt a bit large and clunky and would cover too much plant on a display.

    What do you think?

  2. John Gale says:

    I think the oval ones look nicer but agree that the font size is too small for the name (I had to enlarge my screen just to read it). That said, I am not sure comic sans (I think it is that font you have used) is a suitable font in the first place, have you tried Verdana or another sans serif font?

    PS The third option refers to ‘the old ones’ – for those of us who have never seen them it might be a good idea to have a photo of these as well!

    • Luke Barnes says:

      Lots of people have the same opinion. We still have some spare acrylic, so will try a oval-but-with-larger-text on monday!

      The font we use is Tempus Sans. It may be the, again because of the small images that you can’t see it properly. If you click the images, you can enlarge them to see them full sized.

      Thanks for pointing out that we didn’t have an image for the old ones! We got a bit carried away with knowing we were changing them… fixed now!