Get out and see orchids in the wild

Early spider orchid, Ophrys sphagodes

May is here and the top tip from Writhlington is get out into the countryside and find yourself some British orchids to admire. At the moment you could find Early spider orchid like the one above flowering at Dancing Ledge in Dorset last weekend, Green Winged orchid and early purple orchid. (go to read more for photos)

Green Winged orchid, Anacamptis morio

This is a lovely alba form of Green Winged Orchid growing on the cliffs near Swanage. A darker more usual form is shown below with the Early Spider orchid.

Early Spider Orchid and Green Winged Orchid together

Early Purple Orchid can be found in woods or in ancient meadows like this one at Durlston Park Dorset.

Early Purple orchid, Orchis mascula flowering on 2nd May 2010


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