From Old to New

Our old converted girls toilet microprop lab is now but an empty shell.  That’s right, over the past two days, myself, along with an extremely dedicated team of year 7, 8 & 9s have been moving every single flask, syringe and tweezer  from the old lab to our state-of-the-art new facility in the new school.

I would love to be able to give you a link to the picasa album of all of our photos, but when I returned to the lab after moving all of the stuff over, “all of the electro-magnetic locks had automatically engaged” (sounds awfully posh, but basically meant that I couldn’t get into the lab without asking someone, and there was no-one around!)

I do have some photos of the greenhouse (move over for that officially starts Monday) and of the lab door!  We’re all very excited about the new school, and can’t wait to get settled in!


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