21 Years On

As a Year 11 Student at Writhlington School, I am 16.  I mention this because it’s particularly strange that the Orchid Project is older than me!

As we move into our new greenhouses, let us take a moment to look back over our old School Greenhouses.  These too outdate the Orchid Project, and come from the days of Rural Studies in school.  They have seen the Writhlington Orchid Project grow from it’s humble beginnings, to the first show, to the first Chelsea and right up to the end of last term.

There is a point where a structure becomes special, and I’m sure for many that, though the old greenhouses are gone, they will not be forgotten.

Feel free to take a trip back in time through our Media Libraries to when these greenhouses were at their peak. Have a look at what was going on in 2005, 2007 and 2008, among other coverage of the lab and our events.


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