Seedling Portfolios

Those of you who are very observant may have noticed the new button on the navigation bar at the top.  If you haven’t already, look at it, it’s the one that says ‘seedling portfolio’ on it, looks just like any other button I hear you say.

Well, your half right, but it’s what happens when you press the button that is really exciting!  After a long day working on the website I managed to do what no one has ever done before – convert all of our seedling portfolio information pages to PDF and upload them to the website.

But you don’t want to hear about how hard it was for me to upload them, you want to hear about how it will benefit you.  Well, if you have ever bought a plant from us then the chances are that it will have an information sheet in the portfolio.  This tells you useful information such as your plant’s flowering season and at what temperature to keep it at.

So go on, press that shiny new button!


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