Recent Updates

There are some updates that our happening now, some that have happened and some that we plan to impement over the next couple of weeks.

Firstly, all news items is now catagorised.  This makes it easy for you to find the particular information that your looking for about our projects.  These can all be found on the right hand panel.

Comments:  Since re-instating the comments system we have be getting a large amount of Spam.  Our plan to combat this is to have terms and conditions that all people commenting will have to accept.  This will allow us to trace some of the big companies who leave advertising spam and fine them.

Please do not be detered from posting comments if you have something that you want to say.  All comments are moderated by a human being so there is no chance of your orchid related comment being mistaken for an advert!

Finally, IE6 users.  Currently we are aware that this website doesn’t work in MS Internet Explorer 6.  I am told that this is because it uses different pixel sizes.  All I know is that it doesn’t work as our school runs IE6!  I am also told that a new design is in the pipeline to combat this issue.


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  1. very interesting site, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence, thanks