Logo chaos!

We’ve been having some debate recently as to whether our ‘logo’ (that you can see in the top left of this page, or on twitter if you follow us that way) could change every now and then, to add a bit of variety to the site.  Dan, who suggested it, is still adamant that playing around with photoshop is the best way to do this.  As I have next to no graphical design skill, I decided to attempt to make an equally fun version of our logo – but using A4 letters and people!

This worked well, until we realised it was raining!  Not to be defeated, however, we got out the umbrellas and have quite a good looking logo substitute if I do say so myself!

Website support in all weathers!

Here’s where Dan puts my efforts to shame with some flashy looking awesome graphical design thingy!

UPDATE: I’ve now uploaded the photos of us attempting to get into the beautiful formation you’ve seen above!  These include some of our practice attempts and failed photos because everyone wouldn’t stand still!


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  1. Not today I don’t. Not enough time, but I will in the holidays at some point.