Amazing gardens

This is 6am at the Durban Botanic Gardens with Chris Dalzell the Curator. Chris gave us a fabulous tour of the whole Gardens including the Cycad collection which is where we are in the photo. The Garden also has amazing birds like Pelican and Vervet Monkey. Today we are giving our workshops on orchid propagation from seed in the laboratory here. We have more people signed up for our workshop than any of the others….it’s going to be fun. The talk we gave last night went really well. Actually one of the orchids we found in the wild on Sunday was one that no one knew was at Vernon Crooks. More about that later. We better go and get ourselves sorted for a busy day.


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  1. colin bagworth says:

    hi, great to read your work at school and also your trips round the world, you are very lucky but you deserve all your rewards you are just great!!!!. i have been to the durban botanical gardens many years ago also cape-town so i find it all good to relive my holiday in south africa, keep up the good work and please tell me when you have some disa unifloras ready. regards colin bagworth, kenilworth, warwickshire, cv8 2hj.