Aaaand we’re off!

This is what all of the build up has been building up to. This weekend is London Orchid Show weekend! The trailer is packed, the plants will go in tomorrow at 4am and then we’ll be off!

If you’re going to the show – we’ll see you there, if not – why not?! If you’re not going you should be able to follow us right here, that is, if the things that look like wifi routers in the RHS hall actually are!

If you can’t tell from the number of explanation marks, we’re all rather excited!


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  1. Janet Barnes says:

    Good luck everyone. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. Mr Roy Moth. says:

    Good to see you in London,
    The Flasks all look good,
    at the show.
    p.s. will come to Writhlington one Day.