Writhlington Pupils put plants first at Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo is famous the world over for its leading role in the conservation of rare animals but last weekend the focus changed with the Zoo’s first Plant Conservation Day.

Zoe discusses her project with Natasha de Vere
Zoe discusses her project with Natasha de Vere

The Day featured a display, by Year 7 and 8 Pupils from Writhlington, all about the School’s pioneering work in Central America and South East Asia.

The public loved the unusual plants we had on show. We talked a lot about all the animals that pollinate the different orchids which made sense in a Zoo. We also showed how we are using micropropagation to help save endangered plants in Belize and Laos.”

– Zoe Parfitt, Year 7

As well as meeting the public, students were able to discuss their work with leading plant scientists gathered for the Association of British Zoos Annual Conference.


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