Gold Medal Won at the Amateur Gardening Show

Writhlington School pupils are celebrating a Large Gold Medal won at the Amateur Gardening Show last weekend.

The display was designed by Luke Barnes (14 years old) and Luke Lucas (16) and featured a diverse selection of Orchids grown at the School.

“We have been working at school all through the summer to get ready for the show, and it is brilliant to win a Large Gold. For this Show we focussed on the amazing diversity of miniature orchids including tiny Trisitellas native to the cloud forests of South America.”

– Luke Barnes

Luke Barnes and Luke Lucas also gave lectures at the show helping the public to get to grips with ‘The dos and don’ts of orchid growing’.

September is a busy month for the Writhlington Orchid growers. On Saturday 27th Frome hosts the regions largest Orchid show organised by the Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset Orchid Society and held at the Rook Lane Chapel in Bath Street. Writhlington growers will be giving potting demonstrations at the show and presenting photographs taken on the school’s expeditions to tropical forests in Central America and South East Asia. The show is open from 10am to 4pm.


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