Sarawak Day 5 – Into the forest – Mulu National Park

Apologies but we have very limited internet in the rainforest so more photos to follow when we get back to Kuching tomorrow evening.

We are now in Mulu National Park surrounded by rich lowland rainforest and surrounded by the dramatic limestone mountains of Mulu. We are back from a day in the forests where we found lots of orchids, a beautiful Bornean Pit Viper, flying lizards, and three million bats.

The bats live in Deer Cave, the worlds largest cave, and we explored this with its floor of bat guano as well as Lang’s Cave at the end of a forest walk. We stayed to watch the bats fly out in large murmurations (photo above if it uploads). The girls are fine and ready for another day in the forest.


Orchid Project across the media

The TV and newspapapers here are full of the big Sarawak story – the setting up of Sarawaks first orchid propagation laboratory at MRSM school and its opening by the Chief Minister’s wife. Congratulations to the team at SARORSO for putting the project together and ensuring that it has as much educational impact as possible. The TV and newspapers are likely to be the first time most of the public will have learnt about orchid conservation and propagation and education through the media is vital for long term conservation.


Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi – 365 days of orchids – day 944

The lowland forests of Sarawak are rich in Phalaenopsis species and to follow yesterday’s Phalaenopsis bellina  we have Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi which is almost always in flower with its successive flowers produces from branched flattened flower stems.

The species is found in Malaysia and the Philippines and lives in deep shade in lowland hot forests. We grow the species in our warm Asia section where it is flowering this week and will hopefully be appreciated by the Britain in Bloom judges later – good luck to the team at home.



Day 4 in Kuching – Green pod, preparing for APOC and Cultural Village


Another interesting day here in Sarawak starting t MRSM School where we worked to help prepare the girls o make their display at the Asia Pacific Orchid Congress next week in Kuching.

First they finished the TZ test with great results for viable seeds (above) and then learning green pod seed sowing with Jess. (below)


This jar contains the first Sarawak orchid seed (Dendrobium anosmum) sown by a Sarawak Student in a Sarawak Laboratory.

At the end of the afternoon the group shared their work with all the year 8s at an assembly that finished with a giant group photo.

We then raced over to the Cultural Village where we learnt about the many tribes of Sarawak and enjoyed a great show of dance and music from the diverse Sarawak cultures.

We also saw our first primates up close. A Long-tailed Macaques