365 days of orchids – day 85 – Platystele misasiana

Platystele misasiana is another of our favourite miniatures. The species that comes from cloud forests in Colombia at around 2000m produces bushy little plants with 2cm leaves and masses of uptight flower spikes covered in tiny star like flowers.

We grow the plant successfully both in baskets and pots in Cool Americas and will have a few plants for sale at the RHS London International Orchid Show next week –


365 days of orchids – day 84 – Schoenorchis juncifolia

This is a pendulous orchid from Java and Borneo that grows long stems of terete leaves and long lasting flowers from between the previous years leaves in springtime.

In the wild it is found at around 1000m but we find it grows well both in Cool Americas (minimum 12C) or in Warm Asia (minimum 16C)

We grow it in a basket.


365 days of orchids – day 83 – Pleione formosana


This lovely little cool growing orchid from China and Taiwan spends its time in our Temperate section with a minimum of 6C although it would happily go colder during its dry winter rest.

Flowers are appearing now and these will be followed by single leaves in the spring. We water very heavily from the end of April onwards to grow good sized bulbs for next years flowers. From November onwards the plants are left completely dry.





365 days of orchids – day – Cymbidium aliofolium

This species is a warm growing Cymbidium found in lowland monsoon forest. We have seen several very large plants in the forests of Sikkim and Assam from 100m to 800m altitude. Many plants in the wild are enormous and can circle a large tree.

The species is common in its habitat and is not threatened by the horticultural trade as the plants are very large for the size of the flowers and the pendulous habit makes it ideal for a forest but poorly suited to a pot. We grow our plants in baskets which show the thick leathery leaves and long spikes of attractive flowers off to their best.

Plants enjoy conditions hanging in the roof of Warm Asia – warm and bright like their forest home.