365 days of orchids – day 448 – Angraecum erectum


Another of the interesting species on our display is this unusual little species found in riverine forests in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia from 1300-2350m altitude and so is a coolish growing species adapted for a relatively dry but humid environment.

We grow the species in Cool Americas (Min 12C) hanging  on a long wire hook attached to the twig it once lived on! The plant lives up to its name and grows vertically with masses of roots and pretty little flowers along the climbing stem. It seems quite happy growing up its wire and it will be interesting to see how far it will grow.



Amazing orchids at the European Orchid Show

Today we want to bring you some of the highlights of this brilliant show and the Orchid Project team will scour the exhibition centre to find some really interesting plants and stories.

There are lots of great displays from all over Europe and this is some of the team from Denmark. They will be hosting the next European Orchid Show in 2021 – we will be there!

This is the winner of Best Hybrid – Dendrobium x delicatum which is a natural hybrid found in Australia.

Also from Australia is Cymbidium madidum and this fine specimen won Best Cymbidium.

…and what orchid has Chloe found in that bag? It isn’t an orchid it is a slow worm we spotted escaping from the display moss on the Ecuagenera stand (the moss is European). It must have been hibernating and is now back in the cold van for a journey back to its home.


365 days of orchids – day 447 – Cattleya intermedia


We have two varieties of Cattleya intermedia on our display in Paris. Cattleya intermedia var, orlata has a large pink flower with a lovely dark pink patch on the end of the lip, while Cattleya intermedia var. coerulea has a white flower with a blueish purple lip. These colour forms give an indication of the immense variation present in the species.

Cattleya intermedia is bi-foliate (two leaves on each pseudobulb) and comes from the Mata Atlantica (coastal Eastern Brazil) where it grows in forest up to about 1000m and so is warm to intermediate growing and seems to love our Warm Americas Section (Minimum 15C) where we grow plants in baskets hung high in the greenhouse for good light and drainage. The natural climate is one with a wet summer and a much dryer winter.